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Ants Are Coming

Happy April 1st!

Ever heard “April showers bring May flowers”? Well little did you know, these April showers also bring in tiny, unwanted house guests - ants. Did you know that there are 700 species of ants found in the United states? Don't worry though, the annoying ones around your kitchen sink and cabinets are just after those sweet treats laying around. Due to the rain, ants will seek shelter and find their way into your home and try their hardest to make it their home too.

Here's some tips that will ensure you're doing your part in preventing those tiny unwelcome guest into your home:

  1. Keep your kitchen and countertops clean

  2. Seal and store food properly (especially in the pantry!)

  3. Seal any cracks/entrances ants may be able to come in through

  4. Choosing house plants accordingly

Don't forget to give us a call if and when these little guys find their way inside this Spring.

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