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Swarming Termites

As we get further into Spring and the Summer months, you may start to notice small winged insects around the exterior of your home or yard. Many species of ants can produce winged adults, however it's possible you might have "termite swarmers". Termite swarmers are essentially the "scouts" of a termite colony. Unlike the worker termites, swarmers do NOT cause structural damage, however their job is to find other possible spots to form a new colony. Only a small percentage of swarmers survive after leaving their nest as most are eaten by predators such as birds. Swarmers also only have about 90 minutes of life before they need soil (without soil they can become dehydrated and die). It's likely that their old nest isn't far away, as swarmers typically only travel 600-900 feet in order to find a new nest or colony. Swarmers can usually be spotted around exterior doors and windows as they are attracted to light. Once a new nest is found, these swarmers release a pheromone which notifies the worker termites that a new food source has been established. Without proper treatment by a licensed pest control company, these swarmers and eventual worker termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in just a short period of time.

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